Arctic Trucks Driving 101

The tour

Enjoy half a day Super Truck tour and we will introduce you to the basic skills and techniques you need to learn to tackle different off-road terrains in Iceland driving an Arctic Truck. With the emphasis firmly on enjoyment, you will leave with a desire for more adventure! We start the tour with a drive to the Hellisheidi plateau and the geothermal power plant, we will then drive through the fun mountain track called the 1000 Rivers Road, crossing several unbridged rivers and through beautiful mountain ranges where we test the skills and limits of the Arctic Truck. We will round up the trip by visiting mount Úlfarsfell, itis a small mountain with the best views over Reykjavík city area. This tour combines the ultimate driving experience and stunning nature.

 How many vehicles do you need? Each vehicle takes 4 people. 1 vehicle for 1-3 people and the guide, 2 vehicles for 4-7 people, etc.

What’s included?

Vehicle and guide for 5 hours.

What do I need to bring?

Warm outdoor clothing, your driver licence, good shoes, snacks for the day and your camera.